The Shift

by Davari Abstrakt

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[Explicit Content]


released October 14, 2013



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Davari Abstrakt Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Eastside Chic
She came from the eastside, yea
She was a different kind of woman
Lipstick stains on my jeans, my silverlake woman
And all I remember is her sweet little charm
She was dressed to the nines, with a body so fine
Baby consider this thang tonight

Belladonna, she was my eastside chic mamma
Belladonna, Belladonna, Belladonna, sweet lover

She stayed right by the beach, yea
Just a chill kind of woman
Showed her moves on her boogie board
My Palisades woman

Not only do I know it, but she knows it too
Whoever said I love you, I was lying to you
I said, I know it...and she knows it too
If I ever said I love you, I was lying to you

Oooh, red lipstick, black heels and white lies.
With the wrong women, spending just the right amount of time.
Red lipstick, black heels and white lies.
With the wrong women, tell me why it feels so right.

Senorita, my other eastside chic mamma
Belladonna, Belladonna, belladonna, sweet lover
(Senorita, mi corazon)

Coco Cubana Belladonna,
She liked sex, like pirahanas like fresh meat
My Madonna, blond and ambitious
Man she's vicious, ooh I'm famished
Girl your body look delicious
I said "Hi My Name is Bobby"
Your smile's my profession, making music's just my hobby
Tongue is hella smooth like my fingers on mahogany
I mean me and you as hot as the mojave
Desert, you like dessert?
Make you cream, melt your kitten like a wet dream

She was my, she was my
Believe she was my lover

Baby girl I burn us down
Don't nobody hear the sound, now
Baby girl I burn us down, down, down, down, down.
Track Name: Venomous
Venomous, venomous
You're so bad, you're so bad
But you're venomous, venomous
Spit your venom at me, Oh you're so bad

And she said; I can't be tamed
Oh, this feeling's so strange
She said, baby don't change

Maybe I thought this could be just a hookup
Livin so free that the night kinda took us down
Come wear your crown, baby
Rooftop pimpin'
The 6 be slidin
This bad chick on my side said, "V where you hidin, now?"
Let me break it down (take it down)
I'ma tear you down



Baby sometimes I feel we might have a future
Then you feed me that shit that i'm used to,
You're poison
and she said, "baby just live fast and die young"
Midnight sessions, tell me how you like it
Mind games make a king feel like a tyrant
Let me break you off, but then I get double crossed

You got it, you got it girl


Track Name: Heartbreakers
You're just a sexy ass heartbreaker,
Baby scream it's in your nature
Wow, Oh I put it down

Why don't you pop it one time?
Let a gentleman just vibe
I know you workin' full time
I'm not trying to make you mine
And I don't know what led me to you
But all I wanna do, is see you drop it one time

You're just a sexy ass mother f****
Baby scream it's in your nature
Wow, Oh I puts it down

Why do we end up like this?
With bad chicks only lookin for their fix
And I barely ready for a Ms, no Mrs
You already know what this is, or isn't
Track Name: Jane Doe
She wore high heels, ruby red
Without you there was no light
Black & white, was my life
Technicolor love of mine
Take my hand when times were hard
Don't let our love become scarred
Veins went cold, heart was black
But baby showed me where it's at

(She became my)
Jane Doe, Jane Doe, Jane Doe
Just another
You're just another
Jane, Jane, Jane Doe

Ask me if I'm ok,
I'm new releasin any and all that pain & rage on you
All on you
Baby don't wear that dress I bought you
It's so wrong to
Baby, you know I never wrong'd you

(She became my)
Jane Doe, Jane Doe, Jane Doe,
Just another,
You're just another
Jane, Jane, Jane Doe

Where did she go?
Ohhh, my Jane Doe
Don't you go

Take a drag of my clove,
Only see black in this rose and I'm stoned
Cuz your love, was my drug
And I'm relapsing, No i'm done
Withdrawls from your touch, your touch
Track Name: Get It
There really is just somethin
Somethin about the pain you cause
That just makes me feel
Makes me feel so alive

Baby don't slow down
Can I get next to you?

I'm ready for what you got darlin
Bring your body close to mine
Don't you slow down baby
Just give me a chance and you'll be mine
(Come on, come on)
Don't slow it down, baby get it

I don't wanna know
Where it is you've been
Lady just let me know
They'll be no implications

Baby don't be no stranger
We can be alone
Promise no danger, baby you found your home
Baby, don't feel no pressure
I just wanna get next to
Your body and next up
Baby it's pleasure




B**** I'm a grown man,
I still believe in romance

Don't slow it down, don't slow it down
Baby get it, Get it
Track Name: Roof Peeled Back
I got my roof peeled back
And a seat right here
Take in this California sunshine
And baby let me near

I thought that we had somethin
Somethin was there
But baby now I know that nothin was there
(nothin was, nothin was) Nothin was there
That compares to my city
And I can't do it (can't can't do it, do it)
Without you, honey I need you beside me
And you're all I need
When I got the city bouncin too
LA what you wanna do?


I think back to the moment when we first met
The City of Angels, love you til I'm dead
Don't be scared, I'm right here
Let me make one thing clear
Is I got the city bouncin too
LA what you wanna do?



Los Angeles, Los Angeles
From the city of angels
Los Angeles
I'm from the city of angels
Los Angeles

Track Name: Alive / Fools Song
Just chillin at my boy’s house
What do i see
A pretty lady
Drinkin with her friends
Not payin’ attention to me
Lemme make myself available
That’s where the night begun
Ya I saw your missed calls, But when I left she called shotgun

Bridge: I said I’d always need you
And I’d never leave you
But I don’t even miss you anymore (2x)

Chorus: Sometimes, you stay heavy on my mind
But baby you know, that our love won’t stay blind
Maybe if we gave one last try
I just hope, I just hope I
I just hope I get out alive

Speedin down the 110
What do I see
Signalin me
Not coming from my rear view
But more my passenger seat
So I made myself available
And the night wasn’t done
Baby you wouldn’t believe me if I told you where she’s from



I just hope I get out alive
Track Name: Notorious
Whippin down Sunset
Honey in a sundress
Tryin to find that right beat
for my thoughts to process
In my 20's outta control
Smooth and so cold
Lipstick and wine stains on the piano

I had a vicious dream that I was King

Roll with us
They call us felonious, felonious babe
Roll with us
Cuz we're so notorious, notorious babe

Back down back down now you up in my town (2x)
It's the King of, it's King of Angels
Back, better back down, better back down
It's the King of the City of Angels

You would never find better than me
And maybe when I'm gone you'll see
Somebody tell me what's a King without an army
Or when he lost his Queen?

I had a vicious dream that I was King


One day, you'll see
That I'm the King of this shit.
City of Angels
Track Name: Payback
I know you loved it, the games that we play
Left my love my in NY, found my pain in LA
No reason to love, if you don't wanna play
But baby, let me explain
Ultimatums and deadlines
I don't need that shit in my life
I don't wanna give in to my appetite
I know you're callin for it
Cuz I know that you still want it
Don't get deep this one is gone and,
I promise cuz baby I know that you still want it
You still want it, you still want it

Let me tell you somethin
Let's get one thing straight
I don't owe you nothin
I don't owe you nothin
I don't owe you nothin
So just go
I don't owe you shit

Babe it's time to go, this book is finally closed
And oh, I don't feel no more (2x)

Track Name: Last Night
Last Night
We reached new heights, tell me it's mine
And we'll be fine (we'll be fine)
Baby i'm so high
With you I'll never die

Don't behave girl be brave
Though your friends used to date me
Believe what you want, haters hate then embrace me
The money and the power turn you on don't it baby?
Ohhh last night was kinda crazy

And I said who
Can give it to you like I do?
And I said who
Can love you like I do?
Last night was kinda crazy


Baby what is left to say?
You got the attention that you crave
From all these fools that you play
Baby you know I ain't the same
And you will never forget me baby
Last night was so crazy



You're so unforgettable
Baby you're so, so unforgettable